In 2005, I met a man on Match.com who claimed to have had a long and successful life as a drag racer, a railroad man, and a real estate agent. He told me he owned a house on the water in Mukilteo, Washington, USA, that he had an assistant under LRE LLC, and that he owned five classic cars, a model train collection, and a huge art glass collection. By the time I finally saw his house, cars, trains, and glass, I was already hooked. Within the first year, I found out that the cars had been sitting out in his yard with weeds growing through them, the assistant was actually the ex-girlfriend and real estate partner (who owned a third of the house and had produced half of his income for him), and his art glass collection, with one exception, was cheap stuff. You would think I would leave him then, but instead I allowed him to move in with me when he sold his house, paid off the ex, and gave up the proceeds to the three mortgages he had on it. The only safety for me was my insistence he get another job and sign a cohabitation agreement to protect the ownership of my house. He did both and we were relatively happy for four more years, although he never paid me more than $500 a month in rent when he actually agreed to $2,000 a month.
In 2008, I lost a third of what I had and decided to downsize. Through the next two years of looking and trying to sell my house, the stress divided us. I found a house that would work for me, with an apartment over the garage that I offered him for the eight week notice I was required to give him in our agreement to move out. He immediately hired a crew and got a friend to help him go to the new house with the key I gave him and remove all of the art glass and knick-knacks we had moved in together. He put them in storage under his name. Three large boxes of what he took were mine and included Waterford crystal, pewter and porcelain, and art glass of my own.
When he told me that he had done it for insurance, I made the mistake of drinking a half bottle of wine for “liquid courage” and telling him that he had moved out what he moved in, so I owed him no notice and he couldn’t come to the new house at all. What I should have done is ask for the key, with some excuse, and tell him in front of witnesses. He lost his temper and grabbed my arms, so I told him to let go or I’d call the cops, which gave him the idea of calling the cops on me. He showed them marks on his arms which were actually the healing scars from his having had pre-cancerous skin lesions removed the month before. He told them all of what he took had been his and that I hit him four or five times. He was calm, smooth, sober, and sad. I was hysterical, half-drunk, and told them that he would rob me further if they took me away. The bruises and scratches that appeared on my arms didn’t show up until I was in jail. Yes, he got me thrown in jail on a fourth degree assault charge, which is anything that isn’t first, second, or third in this state. Jail was a nightmare for twenty-four hours and then I went to the new house to see that he had in fact taken whatever he wanted of mine to who-knows-where.
I’ve since offered the prosecution the dermatologist who operated on Alynn Luessen and got the charges dismissed. I’ve also gotten the three boxes of valuables back by threatening a civil suit against him. While in that storage garage (he has three), I saw the bottom of the trophies he claimed were his and they had Goodwill pricing on them. He was never a drag racing champion either!
What I’ll never have is the household goods he took because he lied about where he was living twice and I gave up. What I’ll always have is the arrest on my record and thousands in bills from lawyers and counselors. This is a cautionary tale, ladies, so watch your back!


:( I am a lady from south east asia pls refer to me as Anni.  I met a romanian guy on net last Oct. 22, 2004 and lets call him zar. I have no intentions of falling head over heels for a guy I have not met. But I guess life has a weird way of teaching a stubborn girl that loves does exist.

My first impression of him is that he was so concieted. We had a nice chat but it was just like any other chat experience I had. Nothing memorable about that but after a week I got letters from him. He made efforts to send me letters every single day with his favorite songs attached to it. I thought it was cute but I didn’t show interest till after a month of him writing me daily. I found Zar, shy, intelligent and extremely nice. When I saw him on cam I found out that he was very handsome too. Our daily talks became a habit. We exchanged mails and YM messages. We would chat for 5-6 hours a day. Even while he was at work we would find time to talk. Even with the 5 hours time difference we always found a way to talk. Until 1 day 1 gave him a surprised call. He was lovely. He was so pleasant to talk to and I guess he liked me back for we would talk on the phone for hours. International rates apply so our phone bills skyrocketed. I had no complaints and so does he. I guess I was indeed falling for him. He was a blessing amidst a storm!

I came from a well known family in my community. My dad was a naval high ranking officer and my mother an educator. Inspite of the good life I was born into I had a pretty bad childhood. We were 2 siblings brought up as rivals. My dad cared for me while my mother took care of my sister. It was very hard especially while I was growing up. When I was at the university I was accused of eloping with a suitor that I barely know. It was a big deal 15 years ago in my community. I had to save my family honor by getting married to a guy I barely know. In this union, I was severly beaten for 7 years. I had nowhere to run. My family didn’t know what I was going through that time. I was so ashamed and I fear that I would be beaten more if my husband finds out I sought help.

Never the less I was able to run away from him(my husband) after 10 years. He had another woman with him. I started over and picked up the pieces of my life. It is in this time that I have met Zar. His kindness, warmth and sincerity drew me to him. I trusted him more than I have trusted anyone in this life. There are only 2 important males in my life that time. It was my father and Zar. Since we met we have talked everyday for 3 years. All those years I had him in my life he was my strength, my courage and my hope. I was able to go through so much because I had him near. When I lost my dad he was there. It made things bearable. We made plans of getting together and being married and settling down here in asia. I work in Thailand and he liked the idea of living here so I wanted him to come. But his mother thought it was not safe to be here so he was discouraged to do so. I offered I would come. God knows I tried!!! But I always fell short of what has been expected. He was devastated. We never met in real. After the 3rd year he just disappeared. I was waiting for him to come here in asia and take me. To finally share me a family life and love I never knew. He never dared…… he never tried :( Then he just disappeared.

I tried hard to make him see that our love is still good. Our love was true but he got tired of waiting for the day when we can be together so he left without saying goodbye. He never tried to talk to me again. He just gave up on US! I felt so much love from him and he got my hopes so high. Now I feel so alone.

I never felt any hate for him for hurting me coz I know I have done and said things that might have hurt his feelings deep too. I made a promise to try get him from Romania, but so hard to get a Visa. He said he doesn’t hate me  too, but I just don’t know what feelings he had left for me now. Last I heard is that he was rushed to a hospital because he was depressed on what has happened on us. Even I have been very sickly too.  Until now I miss him dearly. There is not a day that I don’t wish to have a chance to talk, walk, laugh and cuddle with him. He is my Best friend not just a sweetheart!!! I felt a kind of love that I have not felt from anyone here, EVER. If I can wish for a day, I really want to spend a day with him to feel his heart beat and to hear him breathe. I miss him dearly and I don’tknow if there can be anyone else in this world to replace him.  I have so many friends now. Even men who profess a liking for me but I have him inside my head. I guess it’s because Zar is my one true love. A love that I have lost forever.