Internet Love Stories is a popular site in the online dating niche. It’s subscriber base consists mainly of persons who are currently involved in or interested in Internet dating or persons interested in reading the online dating stories of others.

Internet Love Stories offers a significant opportunity to reach an audience already embracing Internet dating and online chat. Our audience has qualified interest in products and services that can help them find life partners, online friends, send gifts or simply make their time online easier and more enjoyable.

As you may be aware, Internet Love Stories has become extremely popular over the past few years. We currently average between 25,000 and 45,000 unique visitors every month thanks to social media marketing and we’ve achieved a Google PageRank of between 3 and 4 meaning that our pages are more likely to appear high in Google search results for many search queries. In fact, we currently rank at positions #1 and #2 for a search on Internet love stories, position # 2 for Internet dating stories and in the top 10 results for the search query love stories. These positions ensure we receive tons of qualified, relevant traffic, meaning your ads are shown to highly relevant prospects.

For advertisers, we are offering 125 x 125 run of site banners (like you see on this page) at the rate of USD 50 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment. Your ad will replace one of the existing banners on the site and each banner is shuffled randomly each time a page is loaded so your ad placement will always be changing. This helps avoid “banner blindness” in regular visitors. If you’d like to advertise for 12 months, we can reduce the monthly amount to $40 per month, representing a savings of $120. We accept payment through credit cards and PayPal.

Think your product or service would hit the mark with our audience? Interested in advertising? Contact Tina.


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